A provider of the full range of hydraulics and pneumatics services

Repair shop


We service cylinders of all sizes and makes, and can replace and repair cylinder parts of all kinds, including cylinder rods and barrels. We stock seals for almost all cylinders.

We test run all cylinders after servicing. In our work, we have a special focus on quality control and cleanliness.

Pumps, engines, valves and other components

We service pumps, engines, valves either ourselves or in cooperation with our long-standing partners.


We service bladder accumulators and piston accumulators. In addition, we check/charge the nitrogen pressure of accumulators. We perform the required pressure tests and other testing (including oil compartment testing). In stock, we have Hydac accumulator bladders and seals, as well as commonly used piston accumulator seals.


We machine products and parts for use in our own production and repair shops.

In addition, we have the latest machine tools.